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Councilmember Shane Sinenci is proposing a resolution to create Maui County Department of Agriculture. Shane truly understands the need for this measure and has been working on this, even before the pandemic hit. Growing up in rural Hana, Shane knows first hand how important it is to care for the land, and how we must continue to plant seeds today if we want to be able to feed ourselves in the future. 

Shane's motto is “Communities First!” Over his life time he has seen how island communities are quickly disappearing. With the fast paced globalization of Maui County, small communities are being ‘gobbled up’ by increased visitor populations and corporations looking to profit off of public trusts and agricultural lands. We need to work hard to protect our agricultural lands, and support our local economy and residents to ensure a prosperous  future for our islands.  

Shane feels that creating a County level Department of Agriculture is one of the largest steps we can take as a local government to invest back into our communities, economy and the food security of our islands. He knows that we need new and innovative ways to boost our local economy by creating and supporting industries where the profits stay on island to support our residents, not multi-national corporations. By supporting a Maui County Department of Agriculture he feels that we can provide more local jobs, boost our food security , better manage and care for our natural resources and prevent the gentrification of the island that we have seen from the tourism being the County of Maui's main industry.

That is why he is proposing a resolution to create a Maui County Department of Agriculture. This resolution will be heard in the Governance, Ethics and Transparency (GET) Committee shortly after the budget session wraps up. The GET Committee will have to vote yes on the resolution before it can make it to the full council. Once it makes it to the full council they will need to be voted on twice to the public's voting ballot in November, for the community to vote on.

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