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Action Alerts

On 4/5/22 at 9 am the Maui County Council will be discussing the budget for the Dept. of Agriculture and we need folks to testify in support of the increased budget to add positions and funding for professional services.  In-person testimony tomorrow morning is best and written testimony for this should be submitted ASAP!

If you cannot testify by tomorrow, please still testify at your earliest convenience via the Budget committee through April 15th  which is the date councilmembers have to finalize their budget priorities. 


Also the salary commission has put the salaries for the Director and Deputy Director back on the agenda on April 8th, 2022 at 8:30 AM, for discussion. In-person testimony is best but if you want to email testimony for that they are requesting written testimony by noon on the 6th.  This will likely be the last time they discuss this so we need to really show support for an increase now. 

Both action alerts have been combined and can be founding in the PDF Viewer below by scrolling

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