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How to Testify

Individuals may provide oral testimony by phone, video conference and if quarantine has ended by the time the meetings happen, in person.


Email Testimony  may be submitted via email at anytime up until the meeting but to ensure members will see it, it is best to submit by the end of the business day on Thursday July 9, 2020:


Email to:


Phone and Video Testimony will only be received at the beginning  of the meeting, so it is important to sign up at 9 am on July 10th to testify, signing up a little late may be okay but you cannot testify once that portion of the meeting is closed. 

Phone testimony: 1.408.740.7256, meeting code 4331864#

Video testimony:


View live: Akaku, Channel 53 or


*If the connection between any testifier and the video conference is lost, the public hearing will still continue.


Members of the public interested in information about offering testimony at the public hearing may contact the Office of the County Clerk (808-270-7748) prior to the public hearing.


Each testifier shall be allowed to speak for up to three minutes.


If approved by the presiding officer and announced prior to any oral testimony being taken, the testifier may be allowed one minute to conclude their testimony. No further oral testimony by the testifier shall be permitted.


An individual's request to testify may be deemed withdrawn if the individual does not answer when called to testify.

Sample Testimony

Dear Maui County Councilmembers, 


I am writing to you today, in support item CR 20-78, the proposed charter amendment to create a Maui County Department of Agriculture. I am asking that the council pass this resolution and let the voters decide if they want to establish a Maui County Department of Agriculture. I want to mahalo the members who voted in favor of this charter amendment, in the GET committee. 


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to vote, we see and appreciate you doing what is right.  To the members who voted against giving the community a chance to speak on this issue, I urge you to reconsider. You have been placed in that seat to be our voice on many issues but sometimes the issues are too big for one person to represent and we need a chance to represent ourselves. This is an example of one of those issues and it is too big for you to just decide for us, it is a community issue and deserves the community's voice. Please let us vote.  


Thank you for your time and consideration, 




[Your Name]

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