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What is the process?
Having the community provide testimony in support of the proposed resolution will be key to giving our residents a chance to vote on the measure in the upcoming election. In order to create a Maui County Department of Agriculture there has to be an amendment to the Maui County Charter which is a multi-step process.  
The resolution has been submitted to the Governance, Ethics and Transparency (GET) committee and has been voted on. We are excited to announce the resolution passed committee so now it goes to the full council to be voted on twice before it can become a question on the next general election ballot.
Once on the general election ballot, the majority of voters will have to yes to allow the creation of a Department of Agriculture. 
We still need massive support to make this all happen. The community will have to come out to testify in order to let their representatives know that this is something the community wants. Then once it passes council, we will need to work even harder to inform the general public of why this initiative is so important for our island to ensure that we can get the initiative passed by the voters.
How can you support?
The next hearing for this item will be at Council Council meeting on July 10, 2020, at 9:00 am. We need the community to submit testimony via email testify during via video conferencing at the meeting.
For instructions on how to testify Click Here

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